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The Full Story


As a little girl, I would come home to uplifting music and my mom burning candles with the scent of gardenia, primrose, or a fall harvest, and immediately I would feel a sense of warmth and comfort.  Little did I know, science has proven a connection between scents, endorphins in the brain, and nostalgia.  In other words, smells or scents can spark emotions attached to our life experiences.​

While pursuing my college degree, I found myself drawn to my passion for helping others to connect to their inner selves.  Which of course, in a deeper way, is connected to our sense of purpose. So I bought a candle making kit and played around with the idea then left it alone. Years later, after a traumatic event, I felt a strong calling to start my candle business back up. This was one of the darkest seasons of my life. It was scary and uncomfortable. I left my full-time job and decided to stay home with my 1-year-old son to heal from said event. I knew with all that was in me that my story was not over.  I was to serve a greater purpose. In the midst of this journey, the only thing I could do was to trust that this was what God wanted me to do. I took a financial risk that could possibly affect my family’s future. I was trusting that God would provide and that was where he wanted me. While my faith was put to the test, I found my confidence! It may seem unorthodox that I would find my confidence while jumping into something that can feel so overwhelming and oftentimes, especially in the beginning, insignificant and unseen. But God met me there and began to teach me my WORTH. Not because I was doing everything perfectly, but because I came as I was. As I was creating, words like “Grace, Peace, Joy, Bold” would come to me when I would create a particular scent. When I finished the products, I stood back and looked at them with tears in my eyes. It was tears of joy that the truth was being spoken back to me. With this encounter, I made it my driving force that every home needed Light and Truth. I found that so many times we believe that we are what has happened to us or we are the words that were spoken over us. Replacing those lies with truth is the heart of the brand. We are a home and lifestyle brand that creates purpose-filled products to encourage and uplift others through their experience.



Our mission is to focus on the wholeness and wellness of every home by bring light + truth through our senses


We believe that a healed society starts with a healed home. This is why we create intentional products to encourage and uplift others through their experiences

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