Two-Wick  Large Apothecary

Two-Wick Large Apothecary

SKU: CK002

Your kit includes:


  • 16 oz Yellow frosted vessel
  • Fragrance Oils
  •  Natural soy wax
  • Cotton Wicks
  • Sticker tabs for the wicks
  • Wooden wick holders
  • Wooden stir stick
  • Bow to place around your jar
  • Instructions



CHOOSE 2 Fine Fragrances:



Enchanted Oaks - A rich earthy blend with notes of amber, musk, and vanilla.

Verbena - A warm tropical breeze blend of fresh lime and herbs.

Mahogany- A rich woody blend with notes of cedar and sandalwood.

Lavender- Herbal and sharp with very sweet overtones. A natural remedy for a variety of common ailments ranging from anxiety and headaches to insomnia. It can also ease stress, induce relaxation, refresh, and even invigorating.

Eucalyptus - A stimulating scent to awaken the senses.



Brown Sugar cinnamon- A delicious blend of cinnamon, sweet maple, and nutty pecan.

Country Spice- The warm and spicy scent of freshly ground cloves.

Orange Ginger -The refreshing scent of orange and ginger.



Fresh Fruit- A delicious blend of crisp and natural fresh fruits.

Meyer Lemon-Pucker up to the sparkling splashes of citrus delight with luscious accords of juicy lemon.

Watermelon -The refreshing, mouthwatering summer scent of juicy watermelon.

Yuzu - A refreshing blend of citrus and sugar.

Pineapple Cilantro - A refreshing blend of pineapple and peppery cilantro.



Cotton blossom- This clean, fresh, and powdery soft fragrance is inspired by the scent of pure cotton linen blowing in the breeze.

Cozy Sweater -A very soft and clean yet warm, inviting scent.

Jade - A rich oriental blend with notes of amber, cucumber, and lavender.

Green Valley Meadows - Just like a fresh and crisp breeze blowing through the lush valley in the Spring.

Sun washed Linen- An airy scent of fresh and clean. There's no cleaner fragrance than linens that have been dried in the sun.



Japanese Lotus Blossom- A heavenly fresh and clean scent.

Sweet Patchouli- The sweet spicy aroma of enticing patchouli.

Magnolia- Golden magnolia blooms early while sweet jasmine entwines with flourishing garden rose.

True Rose- A classic fragrance reminiscent of a bouquet of freshly cut roses.



Cool citrus basil - A refreshing blend of citrus & herbs! Sweet basil, lime, and wild mint joining together with geranium, linden blossom, and cyclamen.

Passion Fruit - A fruity tropical scent that smells like real kiwis.

Sun & Sand - A tropical breeze of sweet orange, citrus, lavender, and musk.

Coconut- The intoxicating scent of freshly cracked coconut.



Banana nut bread- Bunches of ripe bananas blended with sweet, sugary cake batter then topped with walnuts and baked to perfection.

Blackberry Cobbler- A mouthwatering blend of tart blackberry and sweet sugar cookie.

Gingerbread - Warm cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove baked with sweet vanilla.

Apple Pie- Sweet apple compote mixes with clove, cinnamon, and a hint of vanilla.

Vanilla Bean -The sweet, delicious aroma of fresh vanilla beans.

Vessel: Frosted Yellow
Fragrance # 2

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